The John Lucas Foundation

Rest in Peace as you  have helped others find a way to keep living.  My best friend and brother forever you live on in me. Love ya man!  JM

Black Women Lead in South Fulton County's Law Enforcement and Municipal Court

Love & Life: Living Life Loved; Dawn Gacutan

Love is fertile; you reap what you sow; honor & respect key. ​​Love is important. God is love. It is important to identify where love comes from to know the true essence. Once we understand who love is and get identification from the author and manufacturer we are then able to love ourselves as individuals so that when we are interacting with others on a daily basis we can communicate love properly with are actions. When one knows where love comes from they can display it correctly. Love is a decision. Communication is vital; its love language and you must be on the same level to be able to relate properly. Doesn't matter how old you are or what you've been thru you can always comeback and rebuild your love. Love & Life, Dawn G

 Cathy Hughes

    Senghor Jaware Baye
Current President General
 of Marcus Garvey's UNIA

Billionaire Sheila Johnson

People to know and remember: Spotlight; A legacy of service; Atlanta's finest. Left Joseph Lowery receives Medal of Freedom; followed by Mr Lowery and me, John Lewis, and Oprah Winfrey.

 Tribute to Chuck Brown

Heads Up: Upcoming stories , features, and special tributes. Spotlight on Washington DC, Atlanta,GA,  Charlotte, NC,  &  Brazil

Joe Beasley, President of Coca Cola Brazil and Joe Beasley Foundation

JMS History Makers of the Past & featuring Current Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Leaders

Bill Marriott

A rich culture and heritage.

Did you that NBA star

Ne Ne was Brazilian?

   Can Marina Silva be the

first Black woman President?

Black Wonder Woman 

mascot  "Fight racism"              

 Marion Barry: He's definitely my "Mayor For Life"  Blessings JM

DC favorite

Ayanna Gregory

daughter of  famed Dick Gregory, performs "Daughter of the struggle."

Details coming up.

T. Dallas Smith,  Comm. Real Estate

Herman J. Russell, Founder & CEO H.J. Russell & Co.. Primarily a construction company is credited for building, renovating, or giving consultant support to several buildings in Atlanta, Ga. as noted in his book "Building Atlanta".  He was also the first Black person to be a member of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and later became President.  Born in Atlanta, Ga. and a graduate of Tuskegee Institute ( Tuskegee University) Mr. Russell was active in the civil rights movement helping Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. He has always worked  to "create opportunities and eliminate barriers for Blacks.

1930 - 2014 . Rest in Peace Mr. Russell. JM

Erica Qualls is General Manager of Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.

The 1,663 room Atlanta Marriott Marquis is the third largest Marriott, 3, hotel  with  160,000 square feet of meeting space. "We have 3,500 hotels, so she's really up there", says Bill Marriott. I congratulate Erica on tremendous achievements". The hotel is a 9 figure operation.

Ms. Qualls also serves as the Area Vice President for 21 of Marriott's  full service hotels in the southern region of The United States of America. The Atlanta hotel is the largest in GA.

Named "General Manager of the Year" by The Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association.

Harvey Gantt

​Regional Addiction Prevention, Inc.  (RAP). See video below for help info.

Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Addiction Counselors  supported by the operations and administrative teams  provide individuals and group counseling that includes encounter groups, relapse prevention, drug education, anger management, conflict resolution,  life skills education.,and aftercare and recovery services.

FYI: There are more Black people in Brazil than any place in the world outside of Africa; over 110 million!  In most cases Black slaves were shipped to South America and then transported to North America.

Special thanks to my audience in Brazil.  Rio Carnival is absolutely great! JMS will be posting news from Brazil.

Monique is principal of The Pressley Firm PLLC. Based in the DC Metropolitan area, her firm specializes in complex civil litigation, crisis management and communications, and new business incorporation and development.
Originally from Galveston, Texas, Monique received her B.A. from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and her law degree from Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC. She previously served as a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General where she was responsible for the defense of the city’s mayor and agencies in civil litigation matters.
Monique was an adjunct professor at Howard University School of Law for five years where she taught Trial Advocacy and coached the award winning Trial Advocacy Moot Court Team. Prior to law school, Monique served on the U. S. Congressional staffs of Rep. Jack Brooks and Rep. Charlie Wilson.She is also sought-after speaker, bringing her “Be The Boss” entrepreneurship seminar and other messages of empowerment to thousands across the country.

Congratulations to T. Dallas Smith, Founder, President and CEO of T. Dallas Smith & Company Commercial Real Estate Brokers.He has received the AABN "Living Tralblazers Award" and the Atlanta Business Chronicle "Most Admired CEO" award all in 2017! Great accomplishments, well deserved . Much continued success as you are truly a role model and an example of excellence! 

Congratulations  T. Dallas Smith

101 Marietta Street, Suite 2350

Atlanta, GA, 30303

​404. 525.8212

At the Evander Hollifields International Hall of Fame Tribute , 55 Birthday Celebration, and "Real Deal" Championship Boxing in Atlanta, Ga. Happy Birthday Champ! 10 fights total. Unfortunately Wash. DC 's Joshua Davis 11-2 -5KO's just lost his Lightweight fight. Georgia's Bantam weight Raytona Whitfield 28-1-15KO's and Atlanta Middleweight Clay Harifwson lost . 

Yasmeen:  Concerts for the African American Cancer Initiative; Live Life Foundation; New Release

Evander "Real Deal" Hollifield;  Inducted to the Boxing International Hall of Fame 

Marina Silva is a politician and environmentalist. She was a Senator and member of the Workers Party before becoming Environmental Minister. Ms. Silva has won The Goldman Environmental prize for South and Central America ; and United Nations Environment Program named her one of the "Champions of the earth". She was also one of the eight people to carry the Brazilian flag at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. and will definitely have a key position as Brazil hosts the 2016 Olympics..

Edwardo Campos announced his candidacy for the 2014 Presidential election and named Marina Silva as Vice Presidential Candidate. Campos died in a plane crash and she was selected to run as the Socialist Party's Candidate for the Presidency but lost in a run off.  Ms. Silva came close to becoming the first Black Women President; maybe if she runs next time it's a win!

Tribute to Jim Vance: Washington , D.C. news anchor for NBC. I grew up watching him on TV. I really respect his views.  He definitely inspired me to have a voice. RIP

 How about this image of young Black men 

Tyree C. Blocker

                   James Monroe Show

"Your Credible Link to the Black Community"

More Amazing Rio de Janeiro Carnival Costumes

Tribute to Herman Russell,  Philanthropist, Businessman  and Leader

Christine Sperow

Monique Pressley, Attorney and Public Speaker

The  Foundation offers aftercare, wellness programs, recovery support, physical rehabilitation, coaching, mentoring, healthy lifestyles programming and alchohol prevention and treatment. JLF also provides leadership and financial support for youth in the area of life skills programs geared toward a achieving  higher education.

Zumbi Dos Palmares, a great leader, abolitionist, and soldier. He organized and led the Palmares against the Portuguese in an effort to gain freedom for Black slaves. Zumbi  "Zoom - bee" was a respected military strategist in his early twenties but was no match for Portuguese artillery and was eventually defeated and beheaded.

November 20 is celebrated each year as it is a special day for Black Brazilians who honor him as a hero, freedom fighter, & symbol of freedom. The fight for equality continues today!

Marina Silva was close to becoming Brazil's first Black President losing a 50% tie run off election. Maybe next time!

My Children were born at Howard University Hospital

Ronnie Williams

News & Reports

Erica Qualls; Top Performer, Marriott Marquis Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Distinguished People To Know: Washington D.C.  Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte, NC

 James Monroe Show

     Celebrating the Contributions of Black America

Black Lives Matter Too!

"Free your mind and your ass will follow"

                     George Clinton

Evander Hollifield

"You can overcome any addiction but it will take hard work and commitment"

Joe Beasley is the President if Coca Cola Brazil.  He is also President and CEO if The Joe Beasley Foundation and African Ascension.  A minister and global human rights activist he continues to fight for equal justice, eradication if poverty snd global economic development particularly for Black People.  Mr. Beasley was born on a rural plantation in Inman, Georgia December 27, 1936 and served 21 years in the United States Air Force and retired As a police superintendent.   Joe Beasley is also a Dir. for Operation Push which was founded by Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Eight Black women who are leading the City of South Fulton’s law enforcement and municipal court system. They are, front row, left to right: City Solicitor LaDawn Jones, Court Administrator Lakesiya Cofield, Public Defender Viveca R. Famber Powell, Interim Police Chief Sheila Rogers. Back row, left to right: Clerk Kerry Stephens, Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers, Clerk of Court Ramona Howard, Clerk Tiffany Kinslow. (Photo by Reginald Duncan, Cranium Creation)

How about this image of young Black men

Sharon Reed, News Anchor

T. Dallas Smith,  Award Winning Commercial Real Estate Broker  

​​​Yasmeen Williams​Grammy award winning singer, song writer, publisher,  and cancer survivor. She has a fresh sound that bridges old with new in a unique way of blending deep soul sounds into various genres of music even though her roots are in Gospel. My home girl and friend for many years may Almighty God keep blessing you as you continue to bless others! Live Life!  Lol always.

Economic Empowerment; The Key to Our Survival and Generational Wealth: Support Black Businesses​

We have to become involved in a program of reeducation to educate our people on the importance of recycling  the $1.3 trillion  we spend.  Black  people  must stop letting everyone else take our money with no return.  They are pimping us!

​​"The man who is controlling the stores in our neighborhoods is a man that doesn't look like we do. He doesn't even live in our community. So you and I even when we try to spend our money in the block or area where we live we're spending money with a man who when the sun goes down, takes that basket full of money to another part of town." Malcolm X