We believe that lives are changed through education and implementation of certain fundamental principles and technologies that have been proven effective. Therefore, we seek to promote innovative forums, conferences, and workshops facilitated by the best and the brightest to impart the knowledge and skill sets necessary to facilitate these initiates. promote innovative forums, conferences, and workshops facilitated by the best and the brightest to impart the knowledge and skill sets necessary to facilitate these initiates.

JMS Program at Georgia State Capital Celebrating Monte L. Monroe and Patient Safety First;; featuring The Voices of Atlanta and Opera Soprano Vernay Dabney, Melinda Clark, Conductor Atl. Symphony Orch., and Tenor Kevin Tucker.

African American Cancer Initiative; Live Life Foundation

Serena Williams entered the 2015 season as the number one women's tennis player in the world and ended the year with the same ranking. Named by Sports Illustrated as Spokesperson of the Year and voted Player of the Year by the WTA. With a record of 53-3  Serena is not only sexy but a super athlete and a good role model. Great job Serena!

Seeking to find a cure for cancer in African Americans, the objective of the African-American Cancer Initiative is to offer holistic alternatives, and develop and manage independent preclinical and clinical, biomedical research projects which address unclear biological indicators underlying African-American cancer health disparities. Imbalance in health and healthcare management in the United States is a formidable challenge resulting in substandard diversity-dependent healthcare delivery with consequential poorer health outcomes. African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the US for most cancers. Every 3 minutes, 2 people in the U.S. die from cancer.

Hey it's your girl, Denise Dyer

Dream big dreams, make big plans and focus on what you truly desire. God will see you thru your darkest times with the power to overcome.

See the vision of success, live the vision, and under adversity always "Hold the Vision". Work hard and your goals will be established. 

Payton Jackson who is only 3 years old can write and according to her parents has been reading since 18 months old. Amazingly Payton memorized the poem in one week. She is from the south side of Chicago. Great job to the parents Shaun and Andrea. Payton you are an angel. Well done.

  Misty Copeland: Congratulations on Being  the First Black Woman Principal Dancer for the ABT. About time!

Ulysha Hall

​  Yasmeen Williams


 Live Life Foundation

Small Business Administration (SBA) Free Help for Black Owned Businesses

​​Free Resources to Help You Apply, Get Certified, and Grow Your Business

SBA provides free one-on-one counseling to assist you in preparing your application


Contact an SBA local office or resource partner near you
Online Training:
Pre-8(a) Business Development Program Training Series; Government Contracting Classroom 

​​Mentor-Protégé Program
The 8(a) Business Development (8(a) BD Mentor-Protégé Program is designed to  provide various forms of business development assistance to 8(a) BD Program Participants. The goal of the 8(a) BD Mentor-Protégé Program is to enhance the capability of 8(a) Program Participants to be competitive, achieve entrepreneurial success, and contribute to the strength and vigor of our economy.

​SCORE Association “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit association comprised of 13,000+ volunteer business counselors throughout the U.S. and its territories.
SCORE members are trained to serve as counselors advisors and mentors to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. These services are offered at no fee, as a community service.

For more information including a business plan template go to SBA.com

Whether you use this program or SBA at all they have free value resources to help you tighten up your business.

Chief Ulysha Renee Hall "a good cop" on the way to the march and service at historic Ebenizer Baptist Church in Atlanta to conclude the "NOBLE" convention.. Ms. Hall is the first female Police Chief in Dallas, Texas. She is a daughter of a cop and former Deputy Police Chief for Detroit's Neighborhood Policing Bureau. A 19 year veteran, Chief Hall says, "I look forward to building on successes of the past, preserving community trust, and ensuring the safety of our officers and the entire Dallas.

Bronner Brothers International Hair Show: Atlanta GA: Nathaniel Bronner (top) James Bronner, Dir. (bottom)

Voting Rights for Black Americans: Can you believe that voting rights by Black Americans are still being questioned by the Supreme Court in 2015?

Some of the methods that have been used by Whites in power to suppress or eliminate the Black vote:

Poll taxes, Literacy tests, “Grandfather” clauses, Suppressive election procedures, Black codes and enforced segregation, Bizarre gerrymandering, White-only primaries, Physical intimidation and violence, Restrictive eligibility requirements, Rewriting of State constitutions, Additional identification and residence requirements.

Come back for full report. "Voting and Black America"

Donnie Hyder and Selma Hyder: 180 Club: Financial Literacy, Economic Empowerment and Wealth Building

Patti Labelle's Sweet Potatoe Pie a Big Hit: She has always been known for her cooking, now everyone  can get some. Thank you Patti... James Wright who puts his money where his mouth is says,"Support Black Businesses"; reviews pie.

Roland Martin

                    James Monroe Show

​"Your Credible Link to the Black Community"

A thought of inspiration

Click below for The Guardian full report. Watch video of Cop apologizing below.

There is a difference on how police officers handle the Black community! Below is a sample of Police: Black vs White.

Excerpts from the Guardian Investigative Report  on Police Killings in America; Below Cop Apologizes To Families:

Racism in America

Pastor Jamal Bryant responds to Ray Lewis's video.

3 year old Payton Jackson recites, "Hey Black Childl" by Countee Cullen; Poems for Black Children

 James Monroe Show

     Celebrating the Contributions of Black America

Help build generational wealth. Recycle some of the $1.3 Trillion we spend. Do business like other cultures!

The Guardian’s statistics include deaths after the police use of a Taser, deaths caused by police vehicles and deaths following altercations in police custody, as well as those killed when officers open fire. They reveal that 29% of those killed by police, or 135 people, were black. Sixty-seven, or 14%, were Hispanic/Latino, and 234, or 50%, were white. In total, 102 people who died during encounters with law enforcement in 2015 were unarmed.

  Rodney Wood 

   News & Reports

 Brazil: Upcoming Events in Rio de Janiero 2016. Rio Carnival starting Friday  February 5-10. Summer Olympic Games August 5-21. Coverage on JMS.

A Few White People Do Get It; see "Racism By The Numbers"

Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show. Celebrating 70 years (1947-2017) Bronner Bros. is the largest and best Black beauty show in the United States. The show also features multi-cultural products and services as well. Over 300 companies and more than 100 classes.

Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill by 2020

Chief Ulysha Renee Hall: Dallas Texas at the N.O.B.L.E Convention in Atlanta, GA

The figures illustrate how disproportionately black Americans, who make up just 13% of the country’s total population according to census data, are killed by police. Of the 464 people counted by the Guardian, an overwhelming majority – 95% – were male, with just 5% female.

Steven Hawkins, the executive director Amnesty International USA, described the racial imbalance as “startling”. Hawkins said: “The disparity speaks to something that needs to be examined, to get to the bottom of why you’re twice as likely to be shot if you’re an unarmed black male.”

We have the talent, money, resources, and brilliant people to establish what we need for our families and communities. We've got to be united; use the Jewish community as an example and white folks just don't kill us and burn everything we build down like you have a history of doing. We can't let history repeat itself like the recent church burnings in the south.

Thousands of Black Women Take the Lead in Brazil Protesting Violence, Racism and (right) Police Brutality. Sound familiar? Brazilians of color have the same enemy down there that we have here in the US.

Jim Brown is one of the most influential, trusted and real Black Leaders of our time! Above (c) flanked by Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell & Kareem Abdul Jabbar,

Brown discusses his Black Economic Union organization. Mr. Brown was also one of the greatest football players to ever play the game. A man you can stand with today!

Black News Highlights: National Reports and Features ​International Spotlight on Brazil

 9 People Killed in  South Carolina Church by White Racist

Black Lives Matter Too!

135 Black Americans Killed by Police

Ralph Abernathy & Martin Luther Kinr,Jr.