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Halle Berry wins Oscar

Serena Williams wins US Open

John  W. Thompson,  the new Chairman  for the Microsoft Corporation replacing Bill Gates.  Born in New Jersey, his mother a school teacher and father a career soldier in the Army. A recipient of the Morgan Stanley Information Technology Award for Global Commerce, his focus is on  professional management and professional leadership. Mr. Thompson believes that leadership is about creating something different that people get excited about, and then following thru.  He considers Microsoft as "one of the true, iconic companies in our country."  In the U.S. he is the only Black person to hold  a chairman position  in a major tech company.

Ulysses "Junior" Bridgeman,  An American retired NBA player is a successful entrepreneur of Fast Food restaurants who has a reported net worth of $400 million. Born in Chicago, Ill. he owns 160 Wendy's franchises in America and 118 Chili's restaurants. Mr. Bridgeman also owns stake in Milwaukee soda's Black Bear Beverages, and sits on the board of the PGA.

" Junior" called by most obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville. Drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1975, had a very successful 12 year  pro  hoop career.

Janet Emerson Bashen, CEO of the Bashen Corporation is the first Black women to patent a software invention. Link Line, is a web based application for Equal Employment Opportunity claims intake and tracking document management, Claims management and numerous reports. Patent # 6,985,922. The "Method Apparatus and System for Processing Compliance Actions  over a wide area."   This  is  followed by Ms. Bashen's federal based counter part  EEOFedsoft MD715, web based application  for  building  Affirmative Action Plans.

Note: Black People in America contributed over 300 years of free labor as slaves to build and establish what is now known as the United States of America.   "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us ."  Malcolm X  Shabazz

Juneteenth (June 19) is an important day.

FYI: Currently there are 35,000 Black millionaires in America.  There are approximately 44 million Black Americans with a

combined income of $1.2 trillion. Also 10 Billionaires worldwide, with the recent  additions of Michael Jordan and Dr. Dre.

U.S. has 1.9 million Black owned businesses with $137 billion in receipts; fastest growing segment, census reports.

Congratulations to Attorney Benjamin L. Crump, the new President of the National Bar Association. Elected 7/2014.

According to US Census there are 4,579,000  Black Americans with a Bachelor's Degree or higher. 83% w/ HS diploma.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, we are the ones we've been waiting for, we

are the change we seek." President Barack Obama

We need to encourage and guide our children and young people to be entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Today!

Mr. Allen at the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute does a great job of; in their words," Developing young entrepreneurs and

leaders into a mindset of ownership". Contact JMS for more information about  AEI and Camp Exposure.

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     Mae C. Jemison, Astronaut & Physician

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Religion is very important in our society. The National Black Baptist Convention USA, Inc. is the largest Black denomination in America with 7.5 million members. Trivia question: What is the estimated total annual member financial contribution?

Black Americans have bravely served in the military from the beginning. No war has been fought without the participation of Black Americans. We served in War of 1812, Revolutionary War, Civil War, the Spanish American War, the Korean War, the World Wars 1 & 2, the Vietnam War, Gulf War, the War in Iraq, and represented in current international conflicts. Today

we are 11.3% of the military while only 14% of the total American population. US Census Bureau.

    Bill Russell; 11 NBA Championships

Black Americans contributed thousands of inventions to improve society. Maria Van Britton Brown; Home Security

System, Wilbert Dyer; Satellite Tracker, Lloyd Douglas Hall: Methods of Processing & Sterilization of Food, Garrett Morgan 

Traffic Light, Otis Boykin; Control Unit & Wire Resister for Heart Pacemaker. Examples. We are creators w/ a rich heritage.

Our Ancestors built the entire railroad system in the southern US. They also Invented equipment for better operations and increased productivity, such as Elijah McCoy's inventions for the lubrication of steam engines. Frederick McKinley Jones invented the Automatic Refrigeration Systems for long haul trucks & rail cars. He is credited with inventing air conditioning and designed a unit specifically for military field hospitals. Mr. Jones was posthumously given the National Medal of Technology in 1991.

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National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM) represents more than 650 Black Mayors in United States with a collective membership representing 48 million Americans.  Carl Stokes was the first Black Mayor elected in 1967, Cleveland, OH.

Rev. Al Sharpton, Spiritual Leader, Social, Political and Human Rights Activist. Born

Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr. in Brooklyn, New York. A leading figure against prejudice and injustice, was Youth Director for SCLC's program "Operation Bread Basket"; the program's goal was to encourage diversity in the work place by applying social and economic pressure on businesses. A tactic that can and should be used today.  Mr. Sharpton  started  his own organization  "National Youth Movement"  in the 1980's.

Ordained a minister in the Pentecostal Church at the age of 10, "Rev Al" now heads

the National Action Network, a leading civil rights organization with chapters across US.

The organizations criminal justice initiative focuses on the right to equal justice under the law, "the law should not be conditional or based upon a person's color or economic status. " High profile cases handled:  Tawana Brawley, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, and Kendrick Johnson of Valdosta, Ga. - Support Attorney Benjamin L. Crump