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Cynthia Day
Chief Operating Officer
Rest in Peace.
Mel, I know you're making movies in heaven!
I'll keep the memories in my heart and never give up. JM
Dar'shun Kendrik, Esq. M.B.A
Kendrick Law Practice, LLC
Business Attorney
Comprehensive Business Counseling and Court Appearences.
P.O Box 630
Lithonia, GA 30303
Colin Powell, General and Joint Chief of Staff.
Mr. Powell has always been a leader so his leadership program a new book on the subject is no surprise.
Serena Wiiiams will probably
end up as the best female
player to ever play the game
Robert "Bob" Johnson was  founder of Black Entertainment Television BET.
He sold the company to Viacom for a reported $3 billion. This made him the first Black billionaire.

Dr. Cornell West

Dr. West is a professor at Princeton University.
Race Matters has become
an American classic It's still
a relevant book today.
John Portman, Architech
John Portman & Associates, Inc.
303 Peachtree Center Ave
Suite 575
Atlanta, GA 30303
Special thanks to my friend Brian Hogg, Vice President
John Portman & Associates for your support!
Isha Sesay is an anchor for CNN International and HLN. She is from Sierra Leone Africa.
Atlanta Regional Health Forum, Inc.
Douglas Greenwell, CEO
Greenwell and Associates, LLC
40 Courtland St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
Kathy Hughes
You've heard of Oprah but Ms Hughes is the most powerful
Black woman in media. She is the founder of Radio One and TV One.
Extra special thanks to:
Complete One Beauty
my first sponsor!
Sonny Perdue
Perdue Partners, LLC
3110 Maple Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Thanks for your support as Governor and it's a pleasure to promote your global business.

CF Professional Translations

Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Transcription,
and Interpreting services in several languages.
8725 Roswell Rd. Suite 0-112
Atlanta, GA 30350
Toll free 877.877.9919
CitizensTrust Bank
75 Piedmont Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
"Very creative and different.
It's just a great idea! I keep
coming back to watch more
and I will continue."
Tyler Perry is the most financially successful Black film maker in history. Ranked in Forbes Magazine as the 6th highest paid Director in Hollywood.
Complete One Beauty
1514 East Cleveland Ave.
Suite 88
East Point, GA 30344
Appointments: 678.508.7254
Leona Barr-Davenport
President and CEO
931 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30314
Dick Gregory
Mr Gregory is a very interesting man. He ran for President in 1968 as a write in candidate. This was the same year Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed. I think Mr Gregory was the first to get people to even think about a Black man being president. He has been fighting for social change for many years. At 80 years old he is still an advocate for change and truth. I'm sure Dick Gregory will have his place in history.
"I enjoyed several videos. Looking forward to the live shows. I'll be watching you!"

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson 
Mr. Dyson is a Professor of Sociology at Georgetown Univ. and a very articulate and intelligent man. A good role model for young Black men.
"What's The Matter With White People" is an interesting book by author Joan Walsh. Check it out. I'm working on getting her on my live show. If you have read the book let us know what you think.
A good book on fatherhood by a father raising his children. It's not publicized much but there are a lot of Black men raising their children.
Congressman John Lewis
Atlanta Office
The Equitable Building
100 Peachtree St. #1921
Atlanta, GA 30303
Thank you Mr. Lewis for past and current support.
You are definately a hero in my book.
Rev. Al Sharpton with his National Action Network continues to fight for justice and equality. "Reverend AL" is a well respected leader in the Black community.
Halle Berry is one of the most successful actresses in history. She earns an estimated $16 million per film.
Harvey Gantt was the first Black Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. He served from 1983 -1987. Mr.Gantt is an architect by profession and has designed several prominent buildings.

Gantt Huberman Architects
Harvey B. Gantt, FAIA
500 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
704.334.6436 Tel.
704.342.9639 Fax.
The film segment of JMS will be dedicated to you. I will promote Black film-makers and their work.
Healthy Hair Architect
Global News and Entertainment
Earl G. Graves, Sr. an American businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of Black Enterprise Magazine. His magazine promotes Black businesses, professionals and leaders.
Eldrick Tont Woods known as
"Tiger" may end up being the best golfer to ever play the game
O HUB @ 200 Peachtree
Atlanta's Premiere, Business & Events Venue
200 Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Thank you "Opportunity Hub".
You have a great multi-purpose facility. It's perfect for my needs and any other events
Mimi Armstrong
The Hair Architect
659 Auborn Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30912
Dr. Thomas Mensah,  Dr. Mensah is one of the original inventors and innovators of Fiber Optics Technology  He also  received 7 US Patents, all awarded in a six year period. A real scientist and tech expert
Author of widely acclaimed new book:
The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too
Xernona Clayton is the Founder, President, and CEO of Trumpet Awards Foundation. Ms. Clayton is also creator and Executive Producer of the Foundation's Trumpet Awards Television Program. Ms. Clayton began her television career in 1967. She was the first Black person in the south to have her own television show.
Baker Street in downtown Atlanta is Honorary Xernona Clayton Way.

Thanks Ms. Clayton for all that you do! http://trumpetfoundation.org

Chloe Taylor Brown,
Life Style Enhancement
Specialist, Image Expert,
Author and Speaker,
"I listen to your show while relaxing at the beach. It is really informative. Keep up the good work" lol  Thank you! JM
Christopher M. Chestnut
Trial Attorney "A voice of justice for the community"
The Chestnut Firm
303 Peachtree St. Suite 4150
Atlanta, GA 3030

Kasim Reed, Atlanta's current

Global Concessions, Inc.
P.O. Box 20905
Airport Mail Facility
Atlanta, Georgia 30320
Phone: (404) 209-0907
Fax:      (404) 209-0407
Email: info@globalconcessions.com
Web: www.globalconcessions.com

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international Airport

Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint Concourse D
Ben & Jerry's Concourse A, B & C
Arthur Treachers Concourse T
Nathans Concourse D, B & T
Concourse D & E
Great Wraps Concourse A


John Hope Bryant, CEO
and Founder of Operation Hope. Mr. Bryant
is a philanthropist and businessman.. He was named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 (Leaders)
Harvey B. Gantt

The Pan African Arts & Film Fest.
James Monroe Show  focuses on, Business, Leadership, Health Care Race Relations, Relationships, Religion, Sports (Basketball 365), Education, Music, and Film. 

The website is a showcase for businesses, videos, books, organizations and people. JMS is a multimedia show
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We celebrate the achievements of Black people or
African Americans in the United States of America and
the world. Also featuring current entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders.
It is important to me to show our positive contributions
which are often left out of traditional history books and
not focused on in main stream media. 

I'd like to also use the show as a platform to discuss racial issues, myths, disparities, and stereotypes among the American Blacks and Whites in an effort to promote better understanding and reconciliation.
I think it's time for truth and transparency. What do you think?

My goal is to have an audience of Black and White
Americans, but I welcome global viewers and input.  


The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. It's so important to have freedom of speech and expression. I hope my show can be a positive tool for change.
Ain't nothing wrong with having a little fun along the way....

Live TV show launch coming soon! Keep watching...
, JM (It will appear in this space)

Check out the new video by harpist/singer Rashida Jolley.
Stay tuned.
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Special Guests on JMS include:

John Grant, CEO ,100 Black Men of Atlanta

100 Scholars Robotic Alliance (Black Children building robots!) 
Calvin Vismale, The "Consultants Consultant" and the "Brokers Broker"

Wendell Love, Strategist, Community Development Coordinator

Terri Denison, District Director, Small Business Administration

Kevin Johnson, Author "The Entrepreneur Mind" and CEO of Johnson Media

Dr. Gregory McPherson, World Renowned Producer, Composer, Arranger, Artist 

Dawn Gacutan, Author " Living Life Loved" and CEO of Brighton Industries, LLC

Kevin Brown, Author "From Ghetto to Greatness" Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach

Roger Ware, Administrator for Private Held Investments for SunTrust Bank and Pilot

Gregory Moore, Esq. Commissioner of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Rodney Sampson, Author "Kingonomics", and Co-Founder of Opportunity Hub

Dr. Thomas Mensah, Author "The Right Stuff Comes in Black", Inventor and engineer. Described by Ebony Magazine as a "genius".

Miranda McKenzie, Development Director,  United Negro College Fund (UNCF) 

* To get copies or transcripts of any of these interviews or others just send me an email:

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Andrew Young is a living legend and someone everyone should know especially young Black People. A civil and human rights leader and former United Nations Ambassador for the US.
Above picture is Mr. Young and I in Atlanta, GA.

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Rashida I'm so proud of you!!!
How do you like Rashida (Rah-she-da) Jolley?

South Africa Academy graduates first class. Great job Oprah!!
I really admire and respect Oprah Winfrey for working to make the world a better place at home and abroad.
What have you done to make your community or the world better?

Maybe racism starts with what we teach our children. Is it possible for us all to unify as Americans? I sure hope so. Divided we can be conquered and I sure wouldn't want to be taken over by the Chinese... they already almost own us.
Watch this CNN story.
What do you teach your children about race?

An American business classic by Napoleon Hill. Definately worth listening to especially if you've never read the book.
Let us know how you liked it.

Chicago's Urban Prep High School graduated 100 percent of their students for the third year in a row. These young Black men have also been accepted to colleges and universities.
Urban Prep should  be a model for the rest of the country!.
I salute and commend all the administrators, faculty, and other professionals for this monumental accomplishment.
Proof that it can be done. What do you say?

Tribute to Black Inventors..Did you know  Black men invented the cell phone and personal computer?.My mother retired after working 35 years at The U.S Patent and Trademark Office. She died some years ago but her spirit lives on in me to promote the many contributions that Black people have made to the United States of America. I'm working on several projects on this subject and just wanted to share the tip of the iceberg with you.
Are you an inventor with a new product and need it promoted?

A hip hop tribute.All rap is not nonsense but can be used as an effective educational tool for young people. Check this out.

Did you know that Black women made important contributions for the United States of America in World War II? Or did you even know that there were Black women including officers serving in the 1940's?
Are any of these women your relatives? Did you have any family members that served in this time period?

Martin Luther King, Jr's historic "I Have a Dream" speech. I was surprised to know that some Americans have never heard this speech, so I thought I'd air it on the show. If you notice on the tape there were Whites marching with him and some supporters in the crowd. I think he was good at bringing Blacks and Whites together.
It's amazing almost 50 years after this speech and some of the same racism is still going on. I felt good when I watched the Democratic Convention and saw all those Black and White people together voting for a Black man because of the "content of his character" and intelligence
I have hope for the future but I don't know whether White men in particular really believe that all men are created equal.
Will there ever be full equality for Black people in America?What do you think?
Lets talk about it on James Monroe Show.
Send us an email: producers@jamesmonroeshow.com

Discriminating against Black students who excel is a growing trend in racism. Even some Whites find this appalling.
Watch this TYT Network special.
Lets work together to make sure  these practises don't continue.
email your comments or solutions.

Anthony Robbins is a good motivational speaker
It may not be that you have the wrong plan it just needs to be tweaked..
Let us know if this helped you out.

Want to make money in the international market? In this video are some of the top countries you can sell your products or services to. There are 53 African countries including islands. It would be good for African-Americans to form better business relationships and import /export goods in these markets too. The Continent of Africa is the second largest with 12 million square miles in total. The estimated population of Africa is 1 billion. Asia is the largest continent with an estimated 4 billion people.
Are you Black or African American with a successful business overseas or desire to take your business global?

I don't agree with everything Minister Louis Farrakhan says, but then again I don't agree with everything any of them say, but I do agree with him on this point...Watch the video.
Bishop Eddie Long has done a lot of positive things for the Black  community and holding this event is one of them.
I hope to have Mr Long on the live show to talk about other good things he has done to help people which I understand has been a lot!
We welcome your comments.

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